Carving Contest 2017

So here is what you have all been waiting for… the 2017 carving contest poster with 4 new categories! We are ahead of schedule this year so I can also announce all the category sponsors and the Mystery Category all in one shot. Check out the links to the carving galleries on the left of this site too if you need some motivation besides all the prize money… remember it’s FREE to enter and FREE to see but you can’t win the cash unless you bring a carved pumpkin or squash-like life form. Also, many tend to forget about the categories… if you carve to fit a category you will be more likely to win… pick your favorite or if you can’t decide go for 3! Sometimes a category has just a few entries so there may be a guaranteed win in your future if you make the effort.

Mystery Category: Downside Up Jack ( you will only see that right here! )

2017 Category Sponsors
Area 51 – Kolb Heating + Cooling
Protest Patch! – Provisions Natural Foods Market & Cafe
Shadow Puppet Theatre – Kathrine McCoy Architect
Stellar – Blue light Energy
Extreme Scream – Dortonics Systems
Instagrin – Babcock Peffer Design
Compost Zombie – Lynch’s Garden Center
Dead Bug – Town & Country Real Estate
Poultrygeist – Dayton Ritz & Osborne Insurance
Genetically Modified – Sperry Tents
Odd Lot – Michael Davis Design & Construction
Even Odder Lot – Wright & Co. Construction
Classic Jack – Retired in the name of Jack Musnicki
Mystery: Downside Up Jack – Battle Iron
Free Style 12 Under – Saunders & Associates Real Estate
Free Style All Ages – Proper PH Pools