Pumpkin Carving Contest Tonight!

The contest is tonight, Monday, at 5pm so this is your last chance to get it together. Remember to follow the categories but if you have an idea that doesn’t fit go for Odd Lot or one of the freestlye categories.

If you’re looking for ideas find a not so perfect pumpkin and let it speak to you or go to the links below to see some entries from last year and beyond. Often the simplest ideas are the best, you don’t have to be good with a blade to catch the judges eye.

All 16 categories are ALL AGES, kids and adults, just the 12 and under freestyle is limited by age.

All entries and admission is FREE!

Maximum 3 entries per person, one per category. Judging starts at dusk/dark so don’t be too late. All entries should be taken home after the contest. Please bring a candle for each of your entries.

Carving must be done in advance at home. No carving is permitted at the event.

Judging will start around 6:30 or when it’s dark enough so don’t be late.

See you tonight!